Senior Cycle

Our 5th & 6th year students are completing QQI Level 2 & 3 courses. The Leaving programme aims to prepare our students for the transition to further education and/or the working world when they leave St. Marks.
Below is a list of the QQI modules currently being offered in the school​

  • Communications: This module aims to develop a range of communications skills for use in social, personal and work life and to encourage the learner to have the confidence to use these skills in their daily lives. The programme is divided into 3 subject areas: ‘Reading’, ‘Writing’ & ‘Interpersonal Skills’.
  • Mathematics: This programme aims to provide the students with the knowledge, skills and competencies to solve real life quantitative problems by applying practical mathematical techniques. Learning areas in this course include; application of number, measurement & capacity, data handling, algebra and problem solving.
  • Computer Literacy: This programme module aims to equip the Learner with the knowledge and skills to access and operate a computer for their personal needs. Students learn about computer components and terminology. The health, safety, personal hygiene and environment factors associated with using computers are covered.
  • S.P.H.E.: The personal and social development of students is the focus of this subject. SP.H.E. aims to prepare students for the transition from dependent independent living. Students examine & explore issues and topics related to self-awareness, interpersonal relationships and health care. As part of our S.P.H.E. course, students complete a six week term in R.S.E. each school year.
  • Caring for Children: This is a very practical course. In this module students learn how to communicate with, feed and care for the well-being and health of babies and young children. Safety in the home & access to local services are other important elements of this course.
  • Work Experience: This programme module aims to provide the learner with the personal knowledge, skills and capacity to source, secure and participate in a suitable work placement under direction and supervision. Most of our students complete 2 weeks of work experience between Fifth & Sixth year.
  • Career Preparation: This module provides the learner with the knowledge, skills and competencies to source and secure suitable employment or further education/training and to succeed in the workplace environment.
  • Art & Design: The purpose of this award is to equip the learner with the knowledge skills and competence to explore aspects of the visual art to communicate using a range of media and materials.
  • ​Health Related Fitness & P.E: We hope that, through this course students will gain the interest and confidence to participate in a range of physical activity. This course aims for learners to recognise the benefits and importance of being active. They should understand the relationship between an active healthy lifestyle and general health and well being.
  • Craft: This course is undertaken in our Woodwork room. Students learn to; use a range of tools and equipment to achieve different craft effects,take adequate safety precautions,follow instructions, plan and construct craft items.They also use the language and terminology associated with the craft, materials, tools and process to present their crafts.
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