Junior Cycle

The Junior Cycle Programme in St. Mark’s focuses around the Level Two Learning Programme (L2LP), a programme which has been designed by the NCCA in line with the National Framework of qualifications. The L2LPs are nationally accredited and certified in the same manner as the new Junior Cycle. St. Marks have had the first group of students to complete the programme in the country and have two associates from the L2LP team working in the school.

There are five priority learning units;

  • Living in the Community
  • Personal Care
  • Preparing for Work
  • Communication and Literacy
  • Numeracy.

As well as the five Priority Learning Units, there are options of various short courses-

  • Caring for Animals
  • Enterprise in Animation
  • Where am I from? Where am I going?
  • Grow, Cook, Eat

Some students, depending on wrat results and other factors, may attempt a Level 3 exam in English or Maths.

In addition to working towards achieving a Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement for the Level Two Learning Programme, pupils work on S.E.S.E projects and partake in a choice of Arts including art &craft, Drama and Lego. Students also complete work in practical subjects like; Woodwork, Computers, Cookery & Horticulture.

For further information on the Level Two Learning Programme; please see www.jct.ie.

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