Bin Patrol

January 2020
Bin Patrol

After being inspired by Greta Thunberg’s actions, the Green Schools Committee at St Mark’s recently set up “Bin Patrol” to try and improve the recycling standards in the school. While the staff and students have always tried their best to reduce, reuse and recycle there can always be improvements. Very often there are minor mistakes and or confusion over which bin to use for certain items.

It is hoped that “Bin Patrol” will educate students and staff about recycling by using a variety of methods in a fun way. The students get to take ownership of the initiative with adult support. Each class will get to run “Bin Patrol” for a week. “Bin Patrol” will check each of the three bins in classes and communal areas once a day. At the end of each week the results will be added up and a winning class will be announced. This should encourage healthy competition between the classes and at the same time reduce waste!

Watch them in action here----> Bin Patrol

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