St. Marks Parents Association Smarties Challenge

November 2020
St. Marks Parents Association Smarties Challenge

Dear Parents/ Guardians,

The Parent’s Association will be running a fundraising event from 30th Nov to 22nd Dec called “The Smarties Challenge”. Each child will be given a tube of smarties to bring home on Monday 30th Nov. They will keep the empty tube and fill it with 20c coins. The idea is your home – your rules. You can decide how the children can earn 20c each time for their tube by performing different deeds or tasks that you decide on (e.g. tidy room, read book, make your bed, set the table). Ideally we would like to get one tube filled per family but obviously if you would like to send in more please do!

If by 22nd Dec the tube is not full please just seal it up and sent it in anyway to the class teacher. Reminders will be sent out during the challenge and also closer to the collection date.

As this is a fundraising event, it is not compulsory for families to take part, but we would appreciate if everyone could get behind this event. Children’s names will be put into a draw on 22nd Dec to win a prize.

Please find link for our poster.... Smarties Challenge.pdf

Thank you

St Marks Parents Association

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